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Red Knight Pa Ch 17 News!
Club Event Details:
r/l=ride leader
ksu= kick stands up

Other Event details will be posted as we get closer to the date!

Red Knights Pa Ch 17 Monthly Newsletter
Hey gang,
Sorry if you missed Sunday night at Jefferson FC. Quick meeting (20minutes) , nice ride to/from and Sonic to end the evening in Limerick.
Quickies of what we went over….
New members…..
October meeting to be a breakfast meeting at Laureldale so that we may do nominations.
Wayne and Mike. Welcome aboard, Men. If you know of anywhere good to eat or ride to, please share. We are always looking for more places to go.
Stickers and license plate rings….
We decided to purchase 12 of the smaller 3” helmet stickers to start out. To ensure the club doesn’t lose any money we are selling them to members for $4 each. Jeanne is taking care of ordering them. Jeanne and Bill will be the keepers so if you want one, please email Jeanne. I don’t expect her to be lugging them around all the time. Exact change is always helpful too. License plate rings are still an on your own thing. If someone wants to get in on that, I want to order mine soon. There is no discount for a bulk purchase of those.
If anyone has off during the week, don’t be afraid to hit reply to all and see if anyone wants to do a last minute ride. Sometimes those spur of the moment runs leave memories that last a lifetime. As I always say, the more the merrier.

Ride safe,

Official Type Stuff:
Treasurers Report: $550.93

Bottom: Dave's beautiful Indian!
Left: Valley Cafe Breakfast
2014 Officers:
Jeff G. - President
Don C. - Vice President
Bill L. - Quartermaster
Jeannie L. - Treasurer/Secretary
Charlie K. - Road Captain
Kevin G. - Assistant Road Captain

Toby W. - Founding President

Snail Mail:
Red Knights M/C Club
Pa Chapter 17
PO Box 481
Pottstown Pa. 19464
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